Brian Berry Cough

Strawberry Cough x Space Queen

A TGA Genetics Original

Brian Berry was named to honor my friend, Brian Damewood, who lost his battle with ALS. He was able to smoke the first harvest from his tribute strain two days before he passed.

We hope to bring awareness to Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS) with the unique name of this strain.

  • Lineage
    Strawberry Cough x Space Queen
  • Smell
    Strawberry/Cherry Champagne
  • Flavor
    Sweet candied Strawberry and cherry, with traces of grapes and lemons in certain phenotypes.
  • Appearance
    She is a tall growing lady with lavender and green calyxes on green foliage with purple tipped fan leaves.
  • Effects
    She has a happy uplifting high. She is great for reducing stress, depression and nausea and increasing appetite.

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