Smell- Like a fine aged wine. Earthy, and like an over ripened sweet grape.

Flavor-  Like a fine aged wine. Earthy, and like an over ripened sweet grape.

Appearance- Large bulky grenade-like buds. Medium in height. Large yield. 60% of the phenos have pink colored resin.

Effects- Indica effects. Very creative. Great for pain and increasing appetite.

Brian Berry was named to honor my friend, Brian Damewood, who lost his battle with ALS. He was able to smoke the first harvest from his tribute strain two days before he passed.
We hope to bring awareness to Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS) with the unique name of this strain.

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    Karen Foster
    February 2020 at 23:47 pm

    A while back you did something so amazing for me that has forever changed my life, saving me from being just another victim of the opioid epidemic that’s destroying so many lives every day. You may not remember my situation or even remember the amazing thing that you did for me a complete stranger, so I’ll give you a Reader’s digest version of my story and how much of an impact your kindness has had on my life. I was at a point in my life suffering from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, and degenerative disc disease, the pain was unbearable making it impossible to work without taking a large amount of pain medication everyday just to function. I was prescribed 180 Lortabs every month along with monthly Steroid injections. I had spoken to a friend of ours Sam Johnson about my situation because my Doctors were now trying to put me on Oxycontin and Sam told me that before I did that he wanted to talk to someone, he called me back later that evening telling me what he thought I should try first and said someone by the name of MzJill would be contacting me through FB which you did getting my home address. Four days later I received a package which contained a Led light fixture and I also received an envelope containing 10 Cuvee seeds the next day. I’ve always dabbled at growing but had only used fluorescents, halogen, and even tried mercury vapor lighting, and whatever seed I found in the last bag of weed that I bought never with the results that I had with the Leds and seeds that you sent for which I will be forever grateful. I’m currently taking only 2 Ibuprofen a day and smoking a joint as needed and have returned to work 4 hours a day to supplement my Social security and life is so much better. Now if the powers that be would get off their asses and legalize it here others could see the benefits of this amazing plant. And I wouldn’t be so nervous about trying to order seeds online lol so glad I have cloned and was able to propagate for new seeds. I still had 2 of the ones that you sent. Again sweet lady I owe you so much more than simply a thank you but please know that I mean that with all my heart. With love your 67 year old Granny in Utah.

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