Smell- Earthy with slight floral undertones.

Flavor- She has smooth flavors of sweet floral earthiness and an undertone of grapes or mixed berries.
Appearance- She produces dense resinous purple buds with orange hair. She has dark green foliage, which begins turning purple to almost black half way through flower.
Effects- She is euphoric with a very relaxed calm high. She makes you feel uplifted, giggly, happy and creative. She is fantastic for controlling stress, anxiety and depression. She is wonderful for increasing appetite and helping with insomnia.


Smell-  Very fruity cherry with a light undertone of pineapple, slightly earthy.
Flavor- She tastes like tart cherry and sweet tropical jelly beans, slight tones of earthiness
Appearance- She is a lovely tall medium/dark green plant boasting dense spear like resin covered colas with orange hairs.
Effects-  Happy and giggly with a relaxing, uplifting creative high. She is wonderful for relieving depression and stress. She also helps with muscle tension and  nausea. She may  help ease symptoms of PTSD, ADD and ADHD.

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