Smell-  Pungent earthy pine and sour lemon with woody undertones.
Flavor- She is earthy, woody and spicy with lemon and pine undertones.
Appearance- She is a taller plant with light green to yellowish green foliage. She has dense medium to large buds with vibrant orange hairs.
Effects-  She has a very strong high that starts with euphoria and is followed by  couch-lock. She is great for relieving pain and nausea, as well as anxiety, stress and insomnia. She is also know to help control bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

She is a high potency strain that makes up the genetic backbone of  cannabis varieties on the West Coast.

The meaning of the name OG Kush remains a mystery. Some say the ‘OG’  stands for: “original gangster,” some debate that it refers to “ocean grown,” and even others dispute that it is named for “,” a now- non functioning old school website used by countless cannabis growers.

OG Kush can be found on Phylos Lab Galaxy under MzJill Genetics.

Photo courtesy of Mr Mojo Rosin

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