Smell- Pungent and floral, like a skunk bathed in flowers and orange blossoms.
Flavor- Sweet and gassy with orange undertones.
Appearance- A medium plant with green foliage that can turn shades of burgundy with orange-colored hairs. She has large dense buds with nice trichome coverage.
Effects- She is elevating yet relaxing and calming, she also makes you feel a bit spacey.


Smell- Pungent woody and earthy, with a mandarin orange undertone.
Flavor- Sweet and earthy, with  gassy and mandarin orange undertones.
Appearance- G-13 is a medium plant with green foliage and orange-colored hairs. She has large dense rock-like buds. The stalks of G-13 are woody the leaves grow straight upward even during rest hours.
Effects- She has a happy, euphoric relaxing high.  G-13 is great for relieving depression, stress and anxiety. She is also great for pain control and increasing appetite.


Smell- Candied tropical citrus with a hint of earthy and skunkiness.

Flavor- She is a wonderful blend of  mango, orange and pineapple jellybeans.

Appearance- She is a medium to tall plant. Her foliage can range from bright green to many shades of burgundy to almost black. She has medium to large spear spaded resinous buds with orange hair, sometimes the buds will also take on shades of burgundy to purple.

Effects- She has a euphoric, happy, bubbly, uplifting giggly high. She is said to make a great aphrodisiac  Good for light pain easing menstrual cramps. She is amazing for PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress. May relieve ADD,  ADHD and schizophrenia.

Feature Photo Credit to Mr Mojo Rosin