G-13 x Purple Afghani Kush


Smell- Pungent woody and earthy, with a mandarin orange undertone.
Flavor- Sweet and earthy, with  gassy and mandarin orange undertones.
Appearance- G-13 is a medium plant with green foliage and orange-colored hairs. She has large dense rock-like buds. The stalks of G-13 are woody the leaves grow straight upward even during rest hours.
Effects- She has a happy, euphoric relaxing high.  G-13 is great for relieving depression, stress and anxiety. She is also great for pain control and increasing appetite.


According to lab testing, the G-13 is Landrace, and IBL. She is in the uncommon category and she has very low genetic variation.

*G-13 can be found on Phylos Lab Galaxy under MzJill Genetics.